This is the last Project i was working on before start teaching,

images (8)
in Such Projects, you will need parametric Design skills.
the project was designed by Snohetta, from Norway
the Building process was done by multiple companies
my role in this project was related to the process of fabrication the free form facade and roof systems.
it was a complex process, and it required a lot of efforts to produce over 2500 unique facade units, each one is totally different than the other.

The double curved surfaces of each panel require high precision in fabricating and locating each elements, and the most important defining the tolerance for which the installation require.


The process include Surveying and 3D Cad modelling, Scripting, Detailing, analysis and even Digital Fabrication.

there are a lot of things to talk about.
images (17)
These pictures show the project while it near completion, its amazing when you can see your first large project out. and you know that you had one of its most important roles.
images (14)
another view
and another one
This picture below show the mock up we have built in Doha while fabricating the tower, the partial structure was taken from the upper corner of the auditorium roof and facade, it was completely built inside the workshop, and it was a test for our readiness for installing the units into its final place.
images (18)
and below you can see the real auditorium after completion
these two pictures from the architect, show the conceptual model and the imagined shading system of the project
images (4)
images (5)
and this is a detailed model was built for presenting the final project.
2013-03-12-09-51-31 (1)

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