Terrain and Topography


Inclination and Declination

One of the impressive uses of Parametric Design is it’s used in Analysing, building and visualising terrains and topography. Topography is the issues related to the Earth Surface and shape, and the features appear on top of it.


Rainwater paths

there are a lot of design operations important for designers and planners, these operations require an ability to work with Terrain digital data, these data could be textual, numeric or even Geometrical.


Drainage, and Rainwater path

some of these operations concern with building terrains, or the opposite, to extract terrain data.  some concern with finding and visualising heights, inclinations and declination, also shortest paths, drainage and rainwater paths, and also visibility ad point of sights.

we can use grasshopper to do some of the processes above, as you see in the pictures.

terrain height



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