Parametric Brick Wall




Brick wall, one of the most important part of the Building, and also its most beautiful upon all other parts, in terms of aesthetics, performance and dominance, a wall is the first thing visible for an eye when look at a building, it color shining, it patterns, also the variety of sizes and types it come with.


building a wall is a complex process and its very slow, and one of the things make architecture fall behind other industries, until today, brick wall built with the manual way, and with the same technologies and procedures, these procedures made the architects limited wit the typical straight wall and known patterns and bonds.



now a day, with the parametric design technology, Architects can build complex walls, with free form shape and sophisticated patterns and bonds. Architects can fabricate these brick walls with ease and flexibility using Robotic arms with the the help of different cnc tools and machines.



in the workshop, we will try to give an overview of how we can create these complex wall patterns, and then how can we produce them by creating the work flow for a robot, and simulate its fabrication process.



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