Robotic Fabrication


Robots  are kinematic machines, used widely in many industries to automate the manufacturing process. a Robot used to rapidly do tasks which require repeating activities, such like handling, milling and welding, and even cutting, in the last decade, it was brought to Architecture, as a tool with alot of potentials in developing the the way designers, build their projects.

in parametric Design we study the wasy these robots work, and how can we control these robots to prcesisely build our products, we develop tools and codes help us transfer our design data directly to the machine to get the job done.

in Grasshopper there are many useful tools for interactively control robots, among the best are, KUKA|PRC, ONIX and HAL.

Robots are used in many different ways, to do the required job, some used in milling and cutting, some other used in handling and placing, this case well known in  Architecture as the basis for automated Brick wall building and other masonry systems. there are the Hot wiring fabrication method, and also  the laser cutter and the 3D printer.


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