the Spiral Parametric Tower – IFC & BIM


by Using Parametric Modelling, Designing complex structures become very easy and affordable, now we can create large projects with huge amount of data in a matter of hours, we can create a lot of design solutions, and select the best among them all, putting in into account all kind of design considerations, e.g.  we can design a building and then with changing the right parameter, we change the  height, the size and the orientation.


in this project, I was able to create the tower with desired height, the number of floors, and I played with different parameters to create different options until I found the most reliable and the most balanced. I created structural system, a diagrid system, I managed to find the exact areas of the whole project, and even represent the stories and their heights


my plan when I started this project was not only to experiment the ability to design a sophisticated project, but also to investigate the adventure of creating a BIM model, with an IFC Format, and then complete the workflow in other BIM tool such like REVIT or ARCHICAD.



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