Design Optimization


Optimization is an area brought from computer science, where computation search power used to find problem best solution. these methods started to appear clearly in engineering and artificial intelligence. in these fields, solutions are objective, numbers and equations can be the solution for the problem.

but in more complex problems such like design  and Architecture problems, more factors are considered, each factor need its own optimization fitness, and here we started to need more sophisticated search engines, such like the evolutionary solver,    a solver depending on weighting sums and the     Mutation/cross reference processes for finding the best possible solution domains in the search pool.

I know what i said above is look kind complicated, in other words, we dont use computation for only generating multiple solutions, or analyze the performance of  its  of  structure. we use optimization to search among the many solutions we generate for the best solution.

In our investigations, we used plugins with grasshopper help us to find the specific fitness, in our case it was minimizing a distance between two geometries.


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