Communicate Design

Geometry Export

One of the most important skills in Parametric Design is the ability to communicate design data and information; Designer should be able to read Textual and Geometrical Data brought from different environments and tools, and also should be able to convert his design instructions into kind of data that could be used in other environments, for example, CNC machines, programming language or even other software.

Mesh to Excel files

geometrical data are saved as point coordinates and planes directions, then its exported in lists and data trees, these list usually are saved as text files or excel files, then its collected again in the other environment manually or using scripts and programs.


In our experiment, we learned how can we Covert a curved surface into points list, and save it as an excel file, then import these points data again into the design tool and construct the surface out of it. this method, is the basis for many design software, in easing the communication between team members, without needing to transfer lot of data.


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