Detailing – Joints


Parametric Modelling is very useful in early design stages, in form finding, rationalizing design concept and optimizing generated solutions, but one of the best uses when we reach in design the process realization, the one prior to construction and production, at this stage when can use advance generative modelling in create Automated construction details.


When we realize our roofs and walls into structures, we are required to place comprehensive detailed  drawings, show how units fixed together, and how different elements interact at joints, especially when we have many unique joints all around the the structure, more over push us to use such systems, is the nature of new practices which require advanced BIM models with 3-Dimensional Details.


In our experiment, we tried to build different types of  joint of a space frame seen in space frame structures and tensile structures and cables. these kind of joints are very useful to experiment using 3-D printers and rapid prototyping machines, such like pipes milling machine.














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