Parametric Urban Modelling

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Subject: Parametric Urban Modelling


Urban Design is not any more static drawings and large boring maps. Designing now a day involve dynamic systems for observation and advance tools and algorithms for analyzing spatial data. Parametric design now is more fun than ever.


parametric modelling tools were very useful for designers in many areas starting from Data collection, real time parser feed systems with data, databases mine the data, algorithms and scripts are analyzing the space issues , Crowd simulation tools understanding patterns of pedestrians and automobile traffic, don’t forget Modelling and visualization techniques used for visualizing all that, and even most recently, interactive maps and environments.


there are more advanced generative systems used to generate Urban arrangements in a more creative and automated way, systems like fractals and L-systems algorithms. there are some other efforts using game engines to generate buildings streets and map textures. these systems called procedural systems.


We tried to build a system concerned with the modelling of roads and streets, dividing blocks and defining plots, and finally instantiation of buildings and open spaces. WE SUCCESSFULLY DID IT. The first city planning using parametric modelling.



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