Form Finding and tensile structures


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Tensile structures and fabric Architecture


tensile structures, stretched grids, cables and curved fabrics, all these systems fall under different kind of forces which define its form and shape, some are related to the force of the Supporting structures and cables, such like tension and compression, some are related to the elasticity and membrane resistances of the material itself. there are some other forces natural like gravity or mechanical like the mechanical machines which bump air to the fabric.


In the past, there were always differences between what is designed and built, for example, a curved wood panel would get broken after reaching specific curvature, another example that some ironic panels would lose it smoothness and get sheared under poorly planned folding. that because it was not possible to enter the parameters of a physical property of a structure or its material specifications into design criteria. By using mathematical equations and a little computing, its possible now for designers and Architects to simulate and then understand the behaviour of such structures under different forces and conditions. It’s possible to build complex structures and then design better buildings, with more control over the design results.


We can simulate the gravity forces applied to suspended structures, stretches of fabric surfaces which change dramatically the shape of the structure can be modelled and even used as a reference to define the shape of the fabric before applying the force and the amount and direction of forces needed to reach the specific form.


In our Experiment, we tried to build tensile structures using the form finding technique, to simulate the behaviour of the stretched fabrics under its self-resistance, +  forces such like gravity and tensions by cables.


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