Text is the way we represent the spoken language in written way, text help us to communicate our idea and transfer or thoughts in documented way. text created out of letters, couple of it create words, organizing couple of words in a specific way emerge a sentences, and then paragraphs. Each sentence can be used for addressing kind of action, or tell a fact or explain a situation, or even ask about something.

Text in Computing and Architecture

Texts are the main way used in programming to build programs, characters and strings are the basis for any upper level programming language, each letter, contained or coded as a list of bi-numbers; either 0 or 1 in coding system understood by the machine language, and then each composition of letters  building a word, used to save a sequence of logical and mathematical procedures and actions to do specific computer job.

texts is very important part of designer life, it used to explain their ideas and represent their spaces and drawings information, but this is not the area we are after. Texts used in architecture as elements of design, for example, it used for building and shop names, in large scales, its used in spaces inside a complex buildings and large cities  to show routes and paths.

texts used in modern practices as a media used to communicate through interactive facade panels and devices. its also used in fabrication, to code different units and prepare it for cutting layout, and also used to write the milling routes code. texts used in Building Information Modelling and other collaboration tools to transfer data from Geometrical Models into the IFC format, holding all information required for the BIM model, such like project and site name, levels and types associated.

the most important use of text in design, that we use it to write our generative design code, its used for scripting, programming, physical modelling and networking. we need as architects to know very well how to use texts computationally.

Operations in texts 


texts can be imported and exported, words can be broken down to its creating letter, and letters can be joined to build a word. Optimization techniques can be used to reach advance solutions.


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