Interactive Architecture


Interactive Architecture

Its a kind of Architecture allow designers to add components and units which can do movement, lights or sounds or any other interaction. Its idea came from the intention to add the 4th dimension to Architecture; time. the Interactive devices follows specific programs or act internally using the micro-controller’s pre-programming instructions, then it act as a response for an external body or an issue, such like people or weather. the technology depend on the technology of electronic prototyping chips, which work as a transitional communication devices between sensors and actuators.

Interactive Architecture mainly add features to building in some prototypes, it  allow it to move some of its components physically, but not structurally such like kinetic facade, which might work as environmental control  in some cases, or to give an aesthetics in the appearance in another case. it might let the lighting work in an animated patterns to show specific information, or just for public entertainments. its seen in

In our Experiments we would like to build an Interactive prototype, which can be applied into a bigger context in Architecture, such like a facade or any other responsive building environment.



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