Acoustics is the area of knowledge which concerns with making Architectural space sound performance work better. there are many spaces which require better acoustics, starting with typical meeting rooms, lecture and class room, to large theaters and auditoriums. its about allowing voices to reach the listener in a clear way, either directly from the speaker like in the class room, or from the network of sound-speakers, such like in airports.

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the process of controlling the sound performance include many consideration, it need understanding the physical properties of sound transmission, its strength, and its capability to reach all people without disturbance or echos. it require a proper planning of space form, either layout or geometry, in some cases, it require specific materials with better sound absorption, or maybe to orient and manipulate ceiling and wall elements.


Most of acoustic control efforts  done in an interior spaces; to separate spaces from each other using insulation, but some times the noise come from the streets, in the cases of nearby motorways and highways, and that require different kind of  consideration like using trees and changing heights.

In our experiment, we tried to simulate the sound movement through space, using the ray-tracing technology, it allow us to understand how will the sound will reflect out of our surfaces, and then we can recognize important points that receive echos or points doesn’t receive sound at all., and then accordingly we can start play with surfaces and ceiling.



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