Internet and messaging protocols

Internet and Design

The internet has this important role in today’s design world, it has a major impact on collaborative practice, teams no longer need to be together in the same place, or time. Designers can use different design environments at the same time, switching between them in real-time, translating geometric data, analyzing objects and then retrieve results in a matter of milliseconds.

UDP for Designers

UDP is one of the Internet protocols used to send direct messages from one host to another simply without any complications, using the IP of the receiving Computer, and sometimes, it’s just within the same computer but between different software.  Counter to the typical TCP internet protocol, where data are sent all as one package,  the UDP data transferred in a form of small packages called data-grams, each are taking its own path to reach its destination.

UDP is a good simple way to retrieve data from other devices such like the Camera, it’s also useful to send, or receive data through the internet, e.g. When we retrieve the topography data from online servers.

UDP Experiment

We tried to build a communication between our computer webcam and the design software, to create a 3-Dimensional manipulated picture. In the first few tests, we experiment the UDP to retrieve the terrain data of a selected city using the longitude and latitude information.


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