Social Media and Mapping

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Subject: Social Media and Mapping




Social Media 

There are fabulous advantages of linking our design projects with Social media tools, we can benefit from google maps, Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes stock market real-time data.

We can use Google maps to find specific locations and sites immediately, using the pre-assigned names or postcodes. It’s also useful to measure distances between two geographic locations and draw shortest paths in between.

We can use advanced parametric tools to create 3 Dimensional earth Model out of world 2 Dimensional CAD drawing, using mapping techniques, but first, we need to understand the mechanism of mapping consequently the techniques of projections, to reach the real world coördination systems.



The mapping is the process of visualizing specific information,  this kind of information might be spatial or non-spatial, Spatial mapping concerns with presenting and analyzing data assigned to specific location, it shows a specific kind of information, such like event spots, movement paths or density and distribution of a specific issue, the maps could be fixed or temporal, in the second case, the data are changeable according to time. The non-spatial information are usually showing actions related to non-materialized issues, like behaviors or non-countable actions, or what happens in the cyber world, where actions have a spatial digital location, but it doesn’t really have a solid location on earth.

Benefits of Mapping 


With the technology of mapping, we can understand a large amount of information, usually written in a form of tables and databases, and it makes complex patterns more obvious, we can use the layering technique to preview intersections, and compare changes, It’s also useful for analyzing a different kind of data against each other, additionally we can build interactive maps holding both documented data and real-time data and use them for monitoring situations and predict the future.


World map

What I am trying to do is to build an interactive map, using real-time data from the internet to understand a specific urban situation, over a specific period, then to represent these changes in a way showing clearly the information extracted.

The first stage started with building earth 3D model out of a 2D map.

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