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World Mercator

This is a developed work, out of the previous post, which was trying to reveal the importance of mapping in representing design issues from all scales, from the small scale of a neighbourhood to the large scale of the worldwide map.

First of all, I would like to thank David Rutten, the creator of grasshopper software, not only for his very helpful but for the well-detailed map of the world, without it, I wasn’t able to build my earth model. 


The experiment started with finding a way to represent the 2-dimensional map of the earth into its natural spherical setting, using mapping techniques while reserving its coordination systems. Secondly, I built a system of finding cities according to their Longitude/Latitude, and that was the hardest part. My investigation in this area, drew attention to  the importance of finding ways to give geometry an intelligence, by feed each object with more than its geometric description, data embedded into the object about what a geometry represent are a good way to use it as an informer for design, a point represents a city should include a set/tables of information to describe the city and its parameters.

world cities

There are also other methods to locate cities, one of them is the Google location tool, found on Sonic tool, very useful to find cities, measure the distance between them, and additionally, find the shortest paths.



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