Scripting: Random Walkers

3d walker hgfdnhgtfd


Processing is a programming language, made specially for Designers and artists. Processing is an objected oriented programming, which make the development of complex programs much easier, by referencing the libraries created by other developers in all areas of science and computer science. Its scripts involved in all kinds of operations in the computer, such like physics simulation, mapping, data visualization and generative arts. The programming tool support creation of shapes, manipulating geometries, processing of multimedia and also communicating through input /output tools and networks, additionally used to interact with micro-controllers and other physical programming tools.

kuyguyg rhrr


Python is another object oriented programming tool, we; as designers prefer it because its existing tools which work within CAD environments.



In this Experiment, i will try to build programs using python, taking the ideas from processing sketches. Mainly what I would be interested in, is the recursive processes and the randomness supported by the programming tools, with aims to create creative forms and shapes.

 Acknowledgment /References

Daniel Shiffman’s nature of Code works

Steve Baer from Mckneel and his help finding the tools

 Jake Hebbert’s Tutorials


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