Today Experiment is not an interesting  good looking form, but its a simple programming algorithm that help to understand the physics of moving agents. Acceleration


Acceleration is an area of physics knowledge concerns with speed change, it is the rate of change of a moving object velocity, in other word, the constant value which define the increase in speed for the peace of study. its very useful to understand the movement  behavior of an object. for example, it have many applications in the real world, for example, by knowing the change in airplane speed, we can define the distance it need to reach the speed suitable for nose up, or we can define the time a rocket need to reach a specific speed needed to align with an orbit.


the system I built, is a simple box, where a moving agent move in a specific direction, and once it reach the edges, it vanish and appear again from the opposite side. this operation would allow us to apply simulation for a moving object without the need for large testing environment. the important part of the experiment, that we are controlling the agent movement speed, by setting the rate by which it change its speed, we use a little value to launch and increase speed, and this small value is cumulatively added over time to the new speed, and so the speed is rapidly increased overtime, until it reach a constraint we define, or it just keep increasing.

I used a simple that stop the movement when it reach specific speed, and at that point, it extract and print the time needed to reach that speed.

Acknowledgment /References

Daniel Shiffman’s nature of Code works

Steve Baer from Mckneel and his help finding the tools

Jake Hebbert’s Tutorials


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