Interactive Meta-balls

Interactive Meta-balls

Watch this new video I made with Ezvid:

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The interactive meta-balls I built here is the first integration between the force algorithms and the static meta-ball algorithm. the force algorithms are a group of points or spheres, are affected by a force, which defines its speed acceleration into an object, this force is varied dramatically according to the mass of the moving object, compared to the attractor. the movements of balls inward and outward around a central point, caused by the gravity force of that point(ball). the group of balls is affected by the gravitation force which accelerates their speed inward, and then (as our Star(the central mass) is not yet physical) when its reach the center, it keep flying outward, but it decrease its acceleration, until it reverses it traveling direction, and then start to move inward again, and vice-versa. this time, I benefits from the balls as a reference to create my metaballs, the organic-like shapes which create something more like water drops hitting each other in space.

interactive metaballs  Interactive Metaballs2

above are two frames show how the balls start fragmented and then they fuse together in an astonishing way.

Metaballs are a good method for building design, actually, there are buildings designed in a  similar way,  a good example worth mentioning is Soho Project.


Reference/Credits to

Jake Hebbert videos



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