Bouncing Inside a Pyramid

Bouncing Inside a Pyramid


I guess, i finally managed to make the moving balls to bounce out of a new environment, different than our typical cube, this would open a new horizons for my simulation experiments Now i can use different kind of environment, vary in shape size and orientation, it could be a typical symmetrical geometry, or a non uniform shape, and in further stages, we might have new interactive transformable organic environment. with this new method, we can also assign more than one environment for the same movers, in an intersected or adjacent settings. I imagine that i can build multiple environments inside the same big container environment, and then to have some of movers with the ability to pass through space to another, some to be stocked  inside the first one, and some , maybe with changeable characteristics when it pass through one space to another, just imagining.


bouncingballinside pyramid


Daniel Shiffman’s nature of Code works

Steve Baer from Mckneel

Jake Hebbert’s Tutorials

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