GIS_Shape files and Tables

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Subject: GIS_Shape files and Tables


Sudan Maps

In this example, I was trying to visualise the map of the state of Sudan,

GIS is very important to understand geographical issues, especially these issues which contain a huge amount of data, usually used in understanding urban and city environments, and in some other cases, we use it to cover regions, states and even countries.

we use GIS to analyse spatial data, against the statistics we have, or against other different kinds of data, which exist in many different forms, some are raster-based, some other are vector based, we also have point clouds and other topography representation methods such like triangulations.

In mapping, we mix both table data and spatial data to extract useful information, each item on a map, is connected to the table, where it have all its corresponding information, such as name, size, location, population, crime rates …etc.

we compare between each item in the map by visually mark its color or appearance, or even assign a mark in its center( circle ) and then change its size or color to inform reader about the value of a specific information allocated to this specific space, for example: visualize the city importance by increasing the diameter of the mark.

sometimes we use advance analyzing techniques in spatially understanding Geographic- spread issues, as an example, we test parcels or Housing plots against roads, in this example, plots are represented in a form of polygons, and roads are represented in a form of lines, we create a script that asks for the close parcels to the road, this called the buffer technique.

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