Space Syntax


Space Syntax is a method for analysing Architectural spaces and urban environments for the sake of finding optimum design solutions. It relays on the theory of breaking down spaces into smaller units where its possible to convert it into nodes and graphs which both represent its characteristics and relationships and then visualise the existing setting and the possible other configurations. it’s widely used for designing sensitive transport buildings like terminals and also large functional buildings like hospitals. Such techniques which are a good way to simulate exterior issues affecting design solutions, for example, social issues.

يفقللااقلصسث بلسصبثضش ءبرسيبصسثش

one of the main methods used in space syntax is the visibility analysis tool, its a method developed to create an understanding of the visibility from a known point(man) into all possible directions, through a number of obstacles (walls).


there are many other methods, which we will cover in later papers, some of them are the Axial and convex space.



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