Force fields – Hair Systems

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Force Fields

when we talk about the force fields and magnetic fields in design, that mean, that we are in the area of simulation of real world geometries.In computer graphics terminology, we call it soft body simulations, in which we apply the real physical properties into the geometries and then simulate within specific time and environment, the changes happen to our geometry, usually similar to the actual behaviour the same material/geometry follow in the real world.

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Hair Systems

most of the structures in the nature world are not rigid substances, but more flexible and interactive materials, it affected by the surrounding and it takes its shape and form by interacting with the forces around its context, good examples for this are , sea plants and especially, sea anemones. all these plants moving as a reaction to the water movement, but not only the exterior forces, the material from which the body is constructed, and the elasticity and the adhesion ability (adhesive-ability) of the exterior surface, all these are other factors.

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The applications of hair dynamics are seen in the modelling of geometries with soft material, such like clothes, and also some kinds of  fibres and textiles. These are soft materials, and also some rigid ones, when it put into changing factor, chemical or physical Such like heat or tension. The importance of using force field appear clearly when we approach form-finding in the process of design, in this process, we don’t have a specific shape to follow because we are after a unique one, or maybe because we don’t know how it will look like.

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