Arts of Bending Wood

Wood in architecture


this picture show some of what we are trying to do


the first question rises  to my mind, when i choose this topic is: why i am interested in wood? and i found a couple of interesting answers.Wood is one of the oldest building materials, its known since early civilization ages, they know how to build with it, its easy to build with it. Wood doesn’t need a lot of preparation processes, neither energy to make it ready, so its energy saver and sustainable in its nature. Wood have a beautiful appearance, and the maintenance counts are rare, it doesn’t rust, and a little of polish make it shine as new, however, the more age it have, the more its valuable and beautiful. Wood have impressive physical properties make it safe even with light weight beams, wood perform well for acoustics and other environmental factors such like heat , moisture, and it resist water and snow. Timber score well when it comes to health issues.

Bending wood


another example of what bending mean

The Inspiration behind doing this experiment is that I am interested on Aesthetic side of using the wood in the naked structure of the buildings, without any cover or cladding, as we mention previously, wood has amazing flexibility, which allow it to reform into many shapes that fit in most of the architectural elements, we see the wood in beams, floors, columns and even roofs. We are concerned with its ability to be curved or bended in complete angles, and even sometimes be twisted in 3_Dimensional space.

Timber is curved in many different ways, there is the kerfing (engraving on the inner surface of the curving surface)method, another example is the hot metal surface, but the most important is by steam, where the wooden panels are heated and moisturized inside a steam box(oven), and then after it become flexible, its formed into the desired shape, and then metal fixers are used to keep the part in its location, until it reach a dry point, mechanical method is used in much heavier production.

We are investigating how would the digital tools would help control the form we like to form, putting into consideration multiple issues such like physical property, math and force required to reach the form. we are also interested on  the control of the machine that form or assist in forming these wood panels.


Examples of Architecture of Bending


Experiment 01 

Untitled  للقثقثلفثقلفغفق


how wood panels behave with bending, as each surface taking different behavior, one is compressed and the other is stretched. the outer panels because it take the longest path, it become shorter, this panel define the length allowed.


Experiment 02

Bending_soft sheets  Soft items


This Experiment is trying to find a way to control the geometry of the Wooden element, under mathematical equation, the rotation angle and the axis of rotation are the parameters.



Experiment 03

3rd type   4544


the 3rd experiment concern with the behavior of multiple panels stacked together when it face a bending process,







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