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Subject: Mapping



Above: capital of Sudan using Google maps Aerial view

Mapping & Visualisation

Mapping can be interpreted into two main meanings. the first one is concerned with the digital projection of data on the surface into another surface, data such like texture, material and even video. The other type is the one which concerns with the Geographic information and topography, where data are collected, stored, analysed and the most importantly visualised. In this experiments, I was trying to start understanding the basics of visualising maps data using processing; it’s an object oriented programming language, allow to easily build an interface or system, then to visualise and interact with the created output easily.


Above: a map Khartoum City using Microsoft maps


There are a lot of ideas, principles and techniques to talk about while doing this, but now what I will be mentioning is only the very basics I faced to start. The first issue understood as an important factor for mapping is the parsing of data from a server, that mean where to bring the map from, usually providers are Open-street-map, Google and Microsoft, but there is a bunch of others, and you still can do your own, all this is easily accomplished through a ready library allow to easily organize and import the maps. The next step is the process of visualising the map and customise its appearance(colour, theme), the location and zoom to view from. after that come to the process of finding and marking the elements of the map, these are the features we would like to show or visualise, usually these features are shown using typical elements in drawings such like polygons, lines and Points, sometimes a pre-designed icon, or marker. In the coming tries, we will also try to understand the process of analysis and adding time factor.


Above: 3 markers showing how to represent a location


Nagel, T., Klerkx, J., Vande Moere, A., Duval, E. Unfolding – A Library for Interactive Maps, Human Factors in Computing and Informatics, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7946, 2013, pp 497-513, Springer


Above: map showing the 3 areas of Khartoum, Bahri and Umdurman

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