Khartoum University Workshop

Mhd Naeim


Workshop Partecipants


 Workshop  Partecipants

Khartoum University Workshop

Last week, the 4th the 5th an the 6th of May 2014, we had our first workshop done, the workshop was held at the university of Khartoum,at the school of  Architecture, in collaboration with the Department of Architectural Design


 Workshop participants


Workshop Participants

The Workshop was held at the master classes hall, attended by 12 participants, 3 students from the school of architecture, one tutor from the School of Civil Engineering and the rest were Architects from the design practice.






some of the workshop works

The Event

We started the workshop by giving an introduction about the area of Digital Design in general, then we gave another seminar about computational architecture and Generative Design. Then we installed all the tools to all participants.



some of the workshop works

The workshop was divided into 3 main sessions, the first was used to teach the basics of modelling with Rhino and Grasshopper, the second was used to give deeper insight into the Parametric design concepts and design principles, finally, the last one used to introduce the participants with the advance tools used design computing, including the performance driven design and the optimization tools. Attendees was introduced as well to plugins. at the end of the course, basics of programming with python was given.



Workshop participants


I would like to thanks  every person helped in making this event succeed, starting with Dr. Abubakr H. Merghani and all the School of Architecture staff, special thanks to Tekno, and the School of civil engineering.


some of the workshop works


One of the Certificates issued



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