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A minimal surface is a surface which minimizes its area. in mathematics; it’s a surface with zero mean curvature, a Minimal surface, is a modelling concept for surfaces brought from the field of mathematics into architecture because of its beauty. its Found in nature on the surfaces of manipulated soup bubbles using wires; in this surfaces, the bubble optimize its shape and create a new surface with minimized area.

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Examples of Minimal surfaces


catenoids, helicoids, Schwarz surfaces, Riemann’s surface, Enneper surfaces, Henneberg surfaces, Bour’s surfaces, Gyroids, saddle tower, Scherk’s surfaces, costa’s  surfaces, Hoffman surfaces and Chen-Gackstatter surface.


My Experiment


a couple of experiments we have done, Using physical modelling techniques. we used the Kangaroo engine to simulate how a surface reacts under different situations.


Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.15.38 Screenshot 2014-06-04 04.01.50 Screenshot 2014-06-04 04.01.39 Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.23.53 Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.23.00 Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.22.53 Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.21.32 Screenshot 2014-06-04 03.15.29




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