Visualising Cities

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In this experiment, I was trying to visualise the elements of cities using the parametric tool, it’s a very useful tool when the design task is about working with urban environments. Bringing the Rich Data from Online GIS Databases would allow designers to use the power of computation and parametric tools and optimisation engines in analysing existing settings, it will also allow the designer to make a better design solution.


most of the cities here are US -based, cities like Boston and New york, and that where the parsing tool operate mainly, and it was easy to get some Shapefiles for the cities. It’s still early to use the tool on other worldwide cities, especially with the lack of access to GIS data, which usually countries prefer to keep it confidential and private.

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The experiment is a start of series of researches which will try to investigate the importance of Parametric design tools in the process of understanding cities. the tool here doesn’t really differentiate from the typical GIS software, however, it has two or three main advantages. First, the ability to parse or import data from different sources directly in real-time, without going through the data management long process, and typical GIS procedures like cropping and exporting etc … everything here is parametric. The second Designer can use the tools and design his own tools for enquiry, visualisation and analysis. Finally, it’s easier than ever to use computation and automation, Graphs and Optimisers are coming as built-in tools, and results are nicely extracted


Credit to Heron / Grasshopper


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