Bouncing Balls_Processing

Bouncing Balls System, a computer program developed by processing to explore the potentials of using Programming in Design and Architecture. Its a new chapter in my investigations journey, where I started using a different system called processing. Usually, in my all previous researches I was using a combination of Grasshopper and Python, Generative Design tools work within a Modeling environment called Rhino. but in this chapter, I am intending to explore complex systems of Computation, it works the same way, but its a pure programming environment, there is no software syntax, there is no pre-built batteries representing algorithms , there is no canvas to work and visualize work on. everything need to be build from scratch.

This algorithm I built long time ago, as a proof to a university that I am familiar with programming, however, I believe people go to schools to learn not to show off. I continued with my researches in many areas of design, but now I would like to strengthen this side. Its a simple interactive 3-D environment made out of a basic program and supporting programs and some libraries.


the system consist of a number of varied sizes balls or spheres move randomly in different directions, and once it hit the boundaries of the exterior environment, they all bounce back. very simple in description but its complex on its nature. program interact with user if he want to navigate through the 3-D environment, to have a close look. and the setting of the environment attributes can be manipulated, for example colors, line-weights and even speed of displaying, and movement speed.

beyond this small instructions, there are loads of other systems working in the backgrounds, for example the organization method for the lists and arrays of items, the inheritance of functions from supporting sketches or even libraries using the import methods, and most importantly the interactivity methods for events control, for example when you press a specific keyboard  key, you can stop the program, or print one of its frames as a picture.

Why DO I do this, because I don’t need the typical software, I build my own design tool, system or program, its a custom made software works only for my design problem, Yes its difficult and time consuming to build one, but whenever I build one, its unbelievable, every thing would be automated or semi-automated, I can build structures I cant even imagine, i can solve problems where never even known as problems before. and i can use the tool again and again for other purposes.


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