Rubik Cube – An Impossible Solution

While writing these words, it’s still running. almost 20 thousands iterations, and no prospect solution any soon. The Rubik Box, Very famous game tool where you can rotate a number of boxes in different axes to reach a homogeneous facing. 6 faces with 9 boxes located on each face.


Figure 01: Rubik Box – Initial Shape

I tried to use Grasshopper to develop a definition to solve the problem of Rubik Box. it was not an easy task, but after finishing, I realised that such problem is solved with totally different sets of solutions. After getting help from a friend calculating the computing time needed to solve such problem using randomness, I decided to stop the process and try again.

Figure 02: Rubik Box – Rotation Planes

It’s fun to watch, and its working perfectly, I will be posting both the file and the video so you can enjoy playing with it. If you are interested in solving it, I am open for suggestions.


File: in Grasshopper3D website/examples and samples




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