Organic Tessellations

I was willing to make a kind of organic tessellations, something brought from nature and almost represents the natural stacking of soft tectonics inside living organisms. Alternatively, let’s say I am trying to generate a kind of Bio Architecture forms or just a typical blobby forms.

Figure 01: Organic Tessellations – Single Cell – Environment only and Env + Obstacle

I decided to Generate an active form which can easily reform itself around obstacles, environment and neighbours. An adaptive design system which can impress with unpredictable results. It’s based on simple recursive operations, where tectonics interrelate themselves with every single Other member in the system. Cells start as simple surfaces, then it smoothly grows over time to occupy space around it. The cell is considered somehow intelligent, it senses and observes the environment and the surrounding. While it keeps growing, it keeps reshaping its edges to make sure that it doesn’t exceed others promises. The same process is repeated for all the cells in the program in an iterative manner until a form of an organism starts to shape up, then finally, a status of stability or equilibrium is reached inside the program.

Figure 02: Organic Tessellations – Single Cell – Environment and Multiple Obstacles

My first attempts were simple, as I used only one cell and allow it to adaptively reform within a rectangular environment. It was was fast and efficient. Afterwards, I decided to add obstacles, one, two and even three. with a help of little circles of recursion, all was possible.

Video 01: Organic Tessellations – Single Cell – Environment and Multiple Obstacles

The challenge was to add another level of recursion where there is more than one growing cell. so I decided to create a complex system which allows each cell to grow a step at a time so I can be able to test it against the other growing cells. and it works fine even with loads of growing cells.

Figure 03: Organic Tessellations – 2 & 3 Cells – Environment Only

Generally, the final result, if its only cells, then it will be more like a network of a typical Voronoi. however, what unique about it is how it starts to reform around the edges and the inner obstacles. The final result is more than satisfying than ever.

Figure 04: Organic Tessellations – Multiple Cells – Environment Only

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