Temporal Data – World Population

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I conducted this experiment as a part of a bigger project called the scapes of living Data. It’s a research project in the area of Data visualisation and smart cities. The goal of the research is to reveal the hidden beauties of living data and to explore the possibilities of understandings reached by analysing the data computationally.

I will keep posting developments of the project on this post. The whole project idea is about how dynamically it can be to design and do planning using living data, which is imported and perceived in real-time. Understanding complex issues related to city planning and urban environments need such interactive and dynamic processes.


Figure 01: Data Visualization – Temporal Data – World Population

The simulation above simply uses data imported from World Bank website, where they have a portal for well-organised data, and it’s placed on a time structure which allows it to be used as indicators for changes and developments on data registered. these data can be anything, from population, areas, conditions or even challenges and conflicts.

Figure 02: Data Visualization – Temporal Data – World Population – Zooms

I used the population data which is the most reliable and best represented to start with. The world population simply grew in the last 65 years to almost the double, and most of these rapid increase happened in Asia alone (China and India). Maybe I will explain it more in the next update, and I will add a number of analysis visuals and data explorations. At the mean time, you can just set back and enjoy the show.

Video 01: Data Visualization – Temporal Data – World Population – Zooms

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