Emergent Growth

Natural forms are beautiful forms, they are smooth, simple and dynamic. We love to imitate these forms in architecture and design. These forms are considered the ultimate level of creativity and beauty. These forms are generated by many design approaches, they are not simple as geometrical forms in terms of creation. They require being embedded with growth logic and organisation order. They are emergently produced using recursive processes. Soft kind of forms are mimicking plants and animal cells growth and their organisation structures.

In this experiment, I used Kangaroo to simulate the growth of a simple circular surface with one Iteration. The mesh surface is processed through a number of operators which keep the shape elasticity but at the same time give t a flexibility to expand without losing its topology. The surface as in realistic situations, it doesn’t intersect with itself, and it doesn’t shrink into unfamiliar shapes. It keep growing until all forces get into a status of equilibrium.



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