I am interested in tutoring workshops at Universities nd architecture schools.

If you are at a University or Architecture school, you can consider invite me as a Visiting Lecturer. I can offer lectures and workshops in a variety of areas in Digital Design and Computational Architecture.

Previous Events


15th of March 2015, 3Ds MAX Workshop, VCUQ, Qatar


5th of February 2015, Grasshopper3D Workshop, VCUQ, Qatar


4th of May 2014 – 6th of May 2014, Generative Design and Parametric Modelling Workshop, Khartoum University, Sudan


15th of May 2014 – 17th of May 2014, Computational Architecture Workshop, Businessmen Federation, Khartoum, Sudan


30th of Aug 2012 – 1st of Sept 2012, Rhino 4.0 Workshop, 3D Modelling Packages., VCU-Qatar Interior Design faculty, Education City – Qatar


1st of Sept 2012 – 1st of Jan 2013, teaching Revit Architecture (BIM), VCU-Qatar Interior Design 3rd year students, Education City, Qatar



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