3D Scanning & Digitizing

What is 3D Scanning

What is 3D Scanning is a technology capture the 3-Dimensional form of something, either it was an element, Building or an area, what ever it size is.


The Technology Used Widely in many professions, such like Archaeology, and city documentation,  ِReverse Engineering and manufacturing, Fashion, Game environments, animations and 3D modelling.

How it Works

3D Scanning use laser beams and Light sensors to create point clouds. with a mathematical operations and computer programs, its possible to convert the points into surfaces and then construct the 3D model, saving a lot of working hours. the process is not easy as it looks, because 3D scanning can not scan through elements, and accordingly, scanner need to move repeatedly to cover all hidden points, and then to merge all the scans together to complete the whole Model.

In Architecture

3 Scanning can be used by Architects to scan and survey buildings and urban environments, from the models created, its possible to extract plans, sections and elevations. Its highly accurate, and even to a level of millimeters. The Data imported from the 3D scanning machine can be imported to typical design and BIM tools, such like Revit and ArchiCAD





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